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Your one stop spot for user friendly and accessible DSCSA compliance education, training and resources. This is a complex law and brings significant change to the way most pharmacies will track and trace their products. We are here to help pave the way to compliance as you prepare for the road ahead.

Educational Webinars

webinar_thumbnail_smallStay on top of the latest compliance news and educational opportunities. Need to know the basics about the law or learn more about how these new track and trace requirements impact your business? Check out these archived educational DSCSA webinars HERE.

Featured Resource

pocketguide_thumbnailUnfamiliar with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act and what it means to your business? Download this FREE quick and easy DSCSA pocket guide –from the basic requirements to the specifics of compliance. We’ve boiled it down to the essentials you really need to know now! Download the Pocket Guide HERE

Special Promotions

specialpromo_infinitrakelearning_smallInfiniTrak is a cloud-based software solution for independent, small chain, retail, and hospital pharmacies. It delivers full-range compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) by providing a straightforward solution. Click HERE for more information on InfiniTrak.

Awareness Matters

This resource is for providers and educators that are impacted by DSCSA. This site supports pharmacists in their role as medication experts, an essential member of the health care team, and being directly involved in patient care. The educational efforts of this site are rooted in our understanding that pharmacists have a significant role in assessing patients’ medication management and serve as the front line of defense to ensure safe pharmaceuticals are dispensed through the supply chain.

timeicon_smallStrapped for Time?

We understand you don’t have tons of time to read up on the law. Here, we’ve streamlined the latest information on supply chain security to give you easy access to information, quickly. Click HERE to visit our Virtual DSCSA Resource Vault!


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